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Make attendance easy!
At NNTC we've been researching the challenges that contracting and facility management companies are facing.
We saw that labor is among industry's most significant expenses - and one of the least elastic.
This area is likely costing more than it should, especially due to the way time tracking is being handled. It's not just overpayment, but slipping deadlines due to lack of visibility, especially with subcontractors.
  • Too much time spent and too many people involved to check in builders before shifts, wasting 1-2 working hours every day
  • Check-in data entered into a separate Excel file or simply written on a thin piece of paper
  • Construction sites often lacking infrastructure to integrate innovative timetracker solutions
  • Reports taking too much time and effort
  • Inability to control subcontractor presence on site, for example, if 479 workers came to work the shift instead of the 485 agreed, it would be hard to detect and prove they were not there.
is a mobile application which automates workers attendance and work time reports
3-5x faster check-in/out
No overpaid working hours due to automated counting
Lower infrastructure costs compared to conventional access control and time & attendance solutions
Daily, weekly, and monthly reports in just one click
Real-time reporting
MONTHLY subscription
Flexible subscription model counted per worker
* One-time payment option with yearly technical support also available
Foremen use our app to scan workers' faces before the shift. The system can scan a handful of people at once and automatically clock them in. The face recognition capacity contributes to five-times faster employee clock in. A foreman has access to a list of people who are currently on site.

The system records employee data, clock in time and location. When an employee leaves the construction site, the same data is recorded and included in a work time report, where all data is accumulated for the system to calculate overtime.

Saves check-in/check out GPS coordinates.
Employee profiles with photos are uploaded and stored here, so when an employee arrives at the shift, the system automatically recognizes the person by checking the face against its database.

The central server also keeps work time reports, stores a list of sites and determines on which site the person is checked in - according GPS location.

The system can group employees by shift, assignment, or other parameters. You can set a shift time limit (for example, 8 hours) for each work category to track overtime.
There is demo available on request for you and your customers to see solution efficiency for yourself
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